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The Effortless Way to Purchase a New Home in West Bloomfield, Michigan
Legacy On Lone Pine - West Bloomfield New Construction Condos
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Legacy On Lone Pine
Middlebelt Rd & Lone Pine Rd, West Bloomfield, MI 48322
  Type Of Home : Single Family Home  
  Pricing : 750000  
  Builder : The Frankel Organization LLC.  
  Address : Middlebelt Rd & Lone Pine Rd  
  Bedrooms : bedrooms  
  Sq Footage : 3400 to 4500 sq ft  
  Location Type : Suburban  
  County : Oakland County  
  Location : Suburban  
  Completion : Contact Agent  
  Maintenance :  
Pricing : 750000
  City Statistics      
  Weather in Jan - High : 30 deg  
  Weather Jan - Low : 16 deg  
  Weather Jul - High : 82 deg  
  Weather Jul - Low : 61 deg  
  Airport : Detroit Metropolitan Wa  
  Sales Tax : 6%  
  Income Taxes :  
  Median Age : 41.1  
  Median Income : $104,505  
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